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Infinity – Iguana

I painted a iguana to go along with my Nomad force. I decided to enter it in the “Machines of War” category at Gen Con, so I painted it to a somewhat higher standard than the other Nomads, which are just painted to a fast gaming standard.


I still took a lot of shortcuts though – for example, the blending on the black is not very smooth.


Like the other Nomads, this is painted in an Aleph color scheme (which confused a couple of people at Gen Con).


As an extra detail, I painted a lot of warning labels everywhere, sort of like you see on fighter jets.


Here’s a group shot with my other Nomads.


My iguana was awarded a silver, and took first place in the “Machines of War” category.

Infinity – Nomads

I picked up Operation: Icestorm a few days ago, and also one of the new Combined Army starters (which is amazing). The new Infinity models are so cool I had to pick some up. Light-years ahead of the older sculpts.


So far I’ve painted 4 nomads, and I’m about half way through the Maakrep sniper. I decided to really take my time on the Combined Army models, and do fast paint-jobs for the Operation: Icestorm minis. These figures are 2 hours of painting each, including basing but not counting prep time. I think that’s about my sweet spot for figures I can be proud to put on a table without taking a ton of time for each model. Two-brush blending for the win!

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